Our Mission

The “Heroine’s Learning Journey” initiative can contribute to solving the low female student participation in the STEM areas.

Our goal is to develop a curriculum program, parallel to the official science and technology school classes, in the format of a course that can give them a notion of the labor market with a language and syllabus developed specifically for female students, in a part-time bootcamp format, focused on practical and real-life projects, integrated with platforms like MOOC Técnico, GitHub and StackOverflow.

Various resources will be used, through the use of video, narratives, gamification, and podcasts.The online course syllabus will be on Machine Learning with mathematics and its narrative will be based on the “Heroine's journey”, including the theories of self-determination and goal setting as a basis.

By the creation of a Students' Club, girls will be able to connect themselves, exchanging experiences from different countries, but with the commonality of sharing the same language, the Portuguese. At the end of the experience, students will feel more confident and better prepared to achieve a career opportunity in the technology sector.

What is Our Solution

The present application would work as an educational plugin, accessed online, by an application or website (for example, a MOOC) that can integrate other technological support platforms, such as wikis, video editors, project repository, and programming coding in order to build an educational infrastructure. The solution is a narrative, adapted from the Hero's Journey, developed by Joseph Campbell, for the educational area, focusing on female learners in STEM subjects.

Who We Are

We are a group of young scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and professors who have an ambition of offering quality education, greater gender equality, and increasing the number of girls in the areas of STEM.

We believe that we can change the quality of life of millions of girls. This challenge is ambitious, but it is part of our mission to help to create a better world, through the education and professionalization of girls. We believe in a more equal and inclusive society.

The impact of COVID-19 worldwide, made us reflect on our role in the world, where technologies need to be better integrated and applied, the challenges of the online world and the new configuration of companies and people, motivate us, even more, to believe that our proposal, starting with Brazil and Portugal, can be scaled up globally.

We have the confidence and experience to trial in other countries and regions, especially in Europe, Latin America. We know that the challenges will be great, mainly due to the existing cultural barriers. We believe, however, that we will be able to show potential investors and organizations that we can replicate our project model on a larger scale, increasing the number of participants from startups and universities in the project.


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